fabacea or fabaceous


adj. (botany)

[L. fabaceus < faba a bean] of the pea family of plants.
[L. fabaceus < leguminous]

The pea family of flowering plants within the order of Fabales, and of the family Leguminosae, formerly, Fabaceae of herbs, shrubs and trees characterized by stipulate leaves, irregular flowers and fruits that are true pods or legumes.

This family consists of around 15,000 species of trees, shrubs, vines and herbs and distributed worldwide. The leaves usually are pinnately compound, trifoliate (three leaflets) or palmate (leaflets radiate from a common point). Leaves of a few species are simple or reduced to scales. The fruit is typically encased in a pod that splits open when it dries.

See the extended article, Order (Fabales) Family (Fabaceae)

See Peas and Fabales.

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